Nebraska's Economic Indicator Predicts Slow Growth in Early 2022

Oct. 27, 2021, noon ·

Graph of economic indicator for the month of September. The -.91% indicator is in the 'Moderate decline' category.
The -.91% indicator is in the 'Moderate decline' category for September's economic indicator in the state. This predicts marginal or slow growth for Nebraska's economy for early 2022. (Photo courtesy on UNL)

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A leading economic indicator in Nebraska predicts a nearly one-percent drop in growth over the next six months. Results from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln September survey were released this week.

Eric Thompson heads the economic indicator and said Nebraska’s economy is growing rapidly, but expects that growth to be marginal heading into 2022.

Thompson said Nebraska’s agricultural performance is among the positive factors aiding the state’s economy.

“We don’t always have as strong of ag economy as we have right now, because commodity prices are good,” he said. “Nebraska’s population growth continues to be solid, not spectacular, but solid.”

Although manufacturing hours slowed in recent months, Thompson said that sector has been healthy in the state.

Low vaccination rates and national supply shortages are negatively affecting Nebraska’s economy now and months ahead. Thompson said correcting those issues should be a priority going forward.