Nebraska Woman Who Resisted COVID Vaccine Wishes She Had Gotten It

July 29, 2021, 3:31 p.m. ·

Shelly Wachter of Syracuse, Nebraska at Bryan Medical Center
Shelly Wachter from Syracuse, Nebraska at Bryan Medical Center with Dr. Matt Maslonka. (Photo from Zoom)

A Nebraska woman who didn’t get the COVID-19 vaccine now wishes she had after contracting the disease. Shelly Wachter from Syracuse said Thursday she’s not sure where she picked-up COVID, but had resisted getting the vaccine because the issue had turned too political and she didn’t know who to listen to. She spoke from her bed at Bryan Medical Center in Lincoln, where she was admitted last Friday.

“The white noise is just overwhelming. You don’t know who to listen and all that,” Wachter said. “Now, knowing what I do, I would get the shot. I realize that are there are some issues where they might have problems, might not. I don’t know. Again, is that white noise or what, but it would have helped me.”

Wachter is able to breathe with assistance and is feeling better and said she’s definitely going to get vaccinated when she can.

“They were discussing that probably about three months is the time period that I will need to wait, but as soon as that grace period or whatever you want to call it is up and it’s time, I will be getting it,” Wachter said.

She hasn’t seen her family since she’s been in the hospital and said the ordeal could have been avoided if she had been vaccinated.