Nebraska village comes together to clean up after severe flooding

June 2, 2023, 3 p.m. ·

The bridge over Bobtail Creek east of Palisade was flooded by the rain. (Photo Courtesy of Missy Blackman)

Parts of Southwest Nebraska were hit with heavy rain that started last Friday morning and flooded several towns and roads. The area was hit with more rain Tuesday.

With the severe flooding, the cleanup process could take years for a village in Hitchcock County.

The community park in the village of Palisade, with a population of about 300, was destroyed by two to three feet of running water, according to Randy Miner, a member of its village board.

He went to assess the damage on Friday and saw the park “completely engulfed” by water from its nearby creek. He said nobody in the town saw the flood coming.

“We’ve been in the middle of a drought for many years,” Miner said. “I think it was by about four o'clock in the morning everything was just fully engulfed and nobody was prepared for it.”

Miner has been helping with the cleanup that began Saturday morning. He said the flood wrecked play structures, fencing and the community pool, which was caked in almost a foot of mud.

The village has a celebration planned for mid-June and it is supposed to center the park. Miner and other members of the community have been working diligently since the flood to prepare the park in time.

“So, we're trying to get the park to where it's usable and manageable,” Miner said. “If we can hit the 75% mark back to normal, we're going to be very happy with that – to where at least the park can be used for our town celebration.”

Volunteers have given their time and equipment to the cleanup effort; others have given food and drink to those working in the park. Miner said he’s grateful for how the community in Palisade has come together.

“It's very good to see the community coming together like this,” Miner said.