Nebraska State University System Cuts 20 Jobs; Nebraska Wesleyan University Furloughs 50 to Half Time

May 14, 2020, 6:30 p.m. ·


The University of Nebraska cut 20 positions in administration and information technology this week, though only 17 of the positions were currently filled.

The University is anticipating at least a $50 million shortfall. By cutting the positions and certain programs, NU’s administration will save $1.6 million. The salaries for the IT positions come to $840,000.

Melissa Lee is director of communications for the University of Nebraska system. She said these may not be the last layoffs.

“Clearly more difficult decisions are gonna have to be made," Lee said. "The challenge is significant, and there are gonna have to be tough choices that are ahead. What form those will take, I don’t know. Every campus will obviously go though its own process and work together with their faculty and staff on an approach that works best for their campus.”

The University of Nebraska has also instituted a hiring freeze. Nebraska Wesleyan University, meanwhile, placed 50 employees on half-time furlough for the summer.