Nebraska State Patrol Prepares For Special DUI Enforcement During Burwell Rodeo

July 25, 2018, 3:19 a.m. ·

The Nebraska State Patrol is taking extra precautions to prevent DUI incidents in Garfield County as the Burwell Rodeo begins this week.

State troopers will take part in a special enforcement operation from July 25-28 in an effort to reduce DUI incidents.

Captain Jeromy McCoy says the town of Burwell is expected to see over a thousand visitors for the annual rodeo. Over the past years, McCoy says troopers have seen a steady number of DUI arrests.

“People want to go to the rodeo, they want to have a good time,” McCoy said. “We have people travelling from larger communities that maybe don’t get to see a rodeo very often and so we just want to ensure that they get there safely and get home as well.”

The operation received a $1,100 grant from the Nebraska Department of Transportation-Highway Safety Office to help pay for extra shifts and overtime for troopers.