Nebraska Secretary of State Says Elections Will Be Secure, but Concerned About Future

Aug. 21, 2020, 1:24 p.m. ·


Nebraska’s Secretary of State says he’s confident November’s election will be fair and secure, but is concerned about the future as more people opt to vote early by mail. Earlier this week, Bob Evnen announced every registered Nebraska voter will get an early ballot request application. In the May primary, 75% of Nebraska voters mailed-in their ballots. Evnen isn’t concerned about November’s election, but mailing ballots does increase security concerns.

“When we mail ballots out, we immediately lose control of the ballot and that is a genuine concern that we have to address,” Evnen said. “Because the percentage of voters who are choosing to vote early by mail has increased, then I think that it is important for us to turn our attention to the security issues that are attendant upon voting early by mail.”

According to Evnen, mismatched signatures on ballots and who actually delivers the completed ballot to a mailbox or drop box are the biggest security concerns. He says Nebraska won’t consider electronic voting in the near future and that ballot fraud has not been an issue in Nebraska so far, even with increased early voting by mail. Evnen’s office will increase its ability to verify signatures on suspicious ballots. Voters concerned about whether their completed ballots will make it through the mail on time to be counted can leave them in secure election drop boxes at their local election office.