Nebraska Med Relaxes Limits on Visitor Policy

June 10, 2021, 2 p.m. ·

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The COVID-19 risk dial in Lincoln - Lancaster County will remind in red this week.

As COVID-19 transmission decreases in the state, so, too, are restrictions.

Following looser guidelines seen throughout the state, Nebraska Medicine has relaxed its visitation policies as of Wednesday. 

Suzanne Nuss, chief nursing officer at Nebraska Medicine, said when COVID-19 Pandemic first hit, they had to restrict patients to almost no visitors. Now, both inpatients and outpatients at the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s teaching hospital are allowed two visitors. Adult patients in the emergency department are allowed to have one visitor, and minors are allowed to have two.

"I would say it is a relief and a satisfier for just about everybody," Nuss said.

Visitors can help support patients and help them pass the time, she said, adding they also give family piece of mind seeing their loved ones. Relaxing the visitation policy also helps take some of the weight off the care-team. Nuff said when visitation rules were strict, staff would have to call family members frequently to keep them up-to-date. Now, that's not a worry of staff.

Those visiting a COVID-19 patient must provide proof of vaccination and wear personal protective equipment required in the COVID-19 units.