Nebraska COVID-19 Cases, Hospitalizations Climbing Headed Into Thanksgiving Weekend

Nov. 24, 2021, noon ·

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Headed into Thanksgiving weekend, COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are increasing Nebraska, according to the latest data.

Nebraska is not alone. Currently, many northern states are seeing the greatest rise in COVID.

More than 900 Nebraskans test positive for the virus each day, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Cases in Nebraska are up 12.5% over the past two weeks. Nationwide, they are up 25%.

Active COVID hospitalizations reached 513 on Tuesday, according to the state's dashboard. Occupied beds had hovered at or around 10 percent of capacity in the past weeks, but the recent increase means that 12% of the state’s beds are filled COVID patients. Hospitals, as a whole, remain strained but some pressure has subsided in the past week. Around 20% of both regular adult beds and ICUs are available statewide. ICUs had dropped to single digits last week.

Despite the rise in COVID indicators, vaccinations remain steady. About 3,500 Nebraskans get a shot each day, according to state data. Those numbers started growing at the start of the month when boosters and shots for children were made available. In all, nearly 70% of the state 12 and older are considered fully vaccinated, and another 7% is partially immunized.