Nebraska Congressmen Denounce Capitol Rioters: 'Shameful,' 'Ugly,' 'Unacceptable'

Jan. 6, 2021, 4:51 p.m. ·

Rep. Don Bacon (R-Nebraska)

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Nebraska state leaders have denounced angry supporters of President Trump who stormed the U.S. Capitol Wednesday afternoon, forcing lawmakers to be rushed from the building.

Republican 2nd District Congressman Don Bacon was in his office when the rioters breached the Capitol. He calls what went on a "disgrace," "reprehensible” and says the protestors “embarrassed our nation."

"These aren't Republicans, these are anarchists," Bacon said. "We defend the right to peaceful protest, but what they have done is not peaceful protest."

Bacon says democracy has been undermined and leaders need to stand up to encourage civility and peace.

"The President, he's got to make it clear that he respects the peaceful transition of power. And his behavior since the certification of the electoral college has not communicated that," Bacon said. "The President himself needs to set the example and the right tone and he has failed to do that here and it's not right."

Bacon says "both sides" have escalated the political divide leading up to this point.

"You're seeing this violence and this violent protest on both sides," Bacon said. "I'm not condoning what's going on today. It's a disgrace. But I want to make a point: it's been escalatory. We're seeing both ends of the spectrum doing this, and we need Republicans and Democrats to stand up and be the good leaders."

Statements from other leaders:

Sen. Ben Sasse: "This violence was the inevitable and ugly outcome of the President's addiction to constantly stroking division ... This is not how we peacefully transition power."

Sen. Deb Fischer: "These rioters have no constitutional right to harm law enforcement and storm our Capitol. We are a nation of laws, not some banana republic. This must end now."

Rep. Adrian Smith: "We are working to ensure concerns about the conduct of the presidential election in several states are heard through the existing legal process, and illegal disruptions of this process are unacceptable and not constructive."

Rep. Jeff Fortenberry: "To the fools who are entering the Capitol—you are undermining the principles of rightful justice and democracy."

Gov. Pete Ricketts: "I condemn the violence in the strongest possible terms. Peaceful protest is the American way. Violence and destruction of property are not."