Nebraska Congressional District 3 Faceoff Set

May 11, 2022, 11 a.m. ·

Nebraska Congressman Adrian Smith won his primary race by a large margin (Photo courtesy Rep. Adrian Smith)

In Nebraska's Third Congressional District race, the Associated Press called the Republican side of the ticket for incumbent Adrian Smith.

Smith said if he's successful in the general election, he'll be looking forward to working on issues such as inflation, healthcare and rising debt.

"Just ignoring many of the dynamics that are generating concern...ignoring those concerns does not make it better," he said. "We need to address those. And I think we can do this and need to do this in a bipartisan fashion."

On the Democratic side of the ticket, Dave Else and Dan Wik were neck-and-neck the whole night. Else pulled ahead with 52-percent of the vote by the end of the night.

"I had a really bad day on the farm." Else said. "I had a calf die then the planter wouldn't work. Then people started sending me the results, and I got so excited that a small-town farmer with little to no money can beat, or possibly beat, a multimillionaire. That's just amazing to me."

Else said he's running to improve healthcare opportunities in rural Nebraska as well as find solutions for the workforce issues plaguing small towns