Mother and Two Daughters Organize Feminine Product Drive for Homeless

April 8, 2021, 4:21 p.m. ·

Mother Melissa and daughters 8 and 11-years-old make care packages to give to those most vulnerable.

To help women who are homeless, a single mother and her two daughters are organizing a feminine product donation drive in Omaha. Melissa Stocks took her 11-year-old daughter shopping for her birthday this past fall and was pleasantly surprised when her daughter asked if she could spend her birthday money on supplies for those without a home. Since then, they have been inspired to keep giving back to the community.

Stocks and her daughters use their own money and money donated to them on their Facebook page to deliver goody bags full of necessities to those without a home. They drive around Omaha and find those who could most use the supplies. They now want to switch their focus to providing feminine products to women without access. To donate products or money to drive, visit Melissa's Facebook page.