Midwest High School Artists Attending Fine Arts Experience in Hastings

June 9, 2021, 3:49 p.m. ·

tablet drawing of skull and arrow
Drawing programs on tablets are an emerging art medium. (Photo courtesy Open Space)

High school artists from around the Midwest are at Hastings College this week to showcase their artistic abilities.

student welds a sculpture
Student welds a metal sculpture. (Photo courtesy Open Space)

The 65 students, comprised of mostly sophomores and juniors, are skilled in visual or performing arts. The program began this week and runs through June 12.

“To open up some options to some students that maybe would not have the opportunity to be emerged in art,” said Cara Kimberly of Open Space, the company that helped organized the event. “Having that experience and getting them around other artists.”

The event is largely about recruitment for the college, too, Kimberly said.

There will be shows for the performing artists on Friday night and Saturday afternoon, while visual artists will have an exhibit on Saturday displaying their works. The students choose what type of art medium to focus on at the beginning of the week. Then, they dive into the skills for that medium throughout the week.