LPD Chief Says Recent Violent Acts in Lincoln are Not Connected

May 23, 2022, 10:15 a.m. ·

LPD chief Teresa Ewins takes questions from the news media
Lincoln Police Chief Teresa Ewins says, in her experience, these acts of violence come in clusters. (Photo by Will Bauer, Nebraska Public Media News)

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Lincoln’s police chief says the recent shootings and killings in Lincoln are not connected in any way.

The city's first homicide came amid a busy weekend: Six people were shot – and three died – at separate incidents since last Thursday. LPD Chief Teressa Ewins said at Monday morning press briefing that it's common to see a rise in violence when the weather gets warmer.

"When summer comes is usually when this happens," Ewins said. "There's increased drinking – a lot of parties that are occurring. We're coming out of COVID at a more rapid rate; I think that that can contribute to that."

The first incident came last Thursday, where one 57-year-old man was killed in a fight. It was the city’s first homicide of the year. Police issued charges in this case.

No arrests have been made in the Saturday and Sunday shootings. Early Saturday morning, three people were shot outside a bar in downtown Lincoln. None of the victims died, but one remains in critical condition, according to Ewins. The last shooting occurred Sunday morning, where another three people were shot inside a residence – two of them fatally.

"Right now, society is going towards grabbing a gun versus getting into a verbal argument or being physical," Ewins said. "You know, that's people's solutions, unfortunately."

Investigations remain ongoing for the two shootings. LPD is looking for information and will canvas the relevant areas for surveillance footage and other evidence. The police department encourages the public to contact police with any relevant information.

Despite the three acts of violence, Ewins said the Lincoln community is safe.