Lincoln's Flag Said to be Outdated, Contest to Redesign

June 15, 2021, 3 p.m. ·

The City of Lincoln flag, with a blue background and a white outline of the State Capitol
The Lincoln flag was created in 1932.

Two Lincoln groups are holding a contest to redesign the city’s flag. The Lincoln Chapter of the American Marketing Association and the Lincoln Young Professionals Group announced a citywide contest this week. 

Over a year ago local flag expert Keil Wilson gave a talk at Ignite Lincoln, sparking the idea about re-doing Lincoln’s official flag.

Wilson said the design, established in 1932, no longer represents the characteristics of Lincoln and does not meet the criteria outlined in basic principles of flag design. The current flag displays corn and an outline of the city capitol building against a blue background.

"It doesn’t meet good design criteria as established by international vexillologists,” Wilson said.

Submissions will be accepted on the AMA Lincoln website beginning July 1 through August 1. The contest is open to all Nebraska residents, limited to one submission per person.