Lincoln Public School Students Applying For Creative Courses at The Bay Skate Park

Jan. 31, 2022, 4 p.m. ·

Co-founder Mike Smith poses for a photo in the skate park. He's wearing a yellow baseball cap that says "Midwest" and a black t-shirt.
The Bay Co-Founder Mike Smith is from Imperial in western Nebraska. (Photo by Melissa Rosales, Nebraska Public Media News)

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Bay High is a new program coming to Lincoln Public Schools in Fall 2022 through a Lincoln skate park called The Bay. It has 77 students already signed up for its creative arts courses. 52 seniors and 25 juniors for the next school year have applied for the two-hour per day early career opportunity. LPS said it will choose 50 names at random for each grade.

Mike Smith, the co-founder of The Bay, said Bay High students will have the chance to organize what’s called a ‘lifestyle fair’ where students experience the creative industry in a real-world setting.

“It’s really trying to take all the stuff we do at The Bay, give it to the Bay High kids, and let them learn from it, do it, execute it, experience it,” Smith said, “and so we have a ‘lifestyle fair’ instead of a career fair where we focus on the creative industry lifestyle and all the jobs that exist in it, and we’re going to let the kids throw it.”

Smith said the fair would incorporate fashion, music, and skating into one festival. He said there’s plans to create clubs within the Bay High career academy as well.

LPS will also be launching a health career academy and STEM career academy this fall. Through Bryan College of Health and the brand-new Lincoln Northwest High School, students will have the chance to get an early look in the health industry. The Early STEM program is through the University of Nebraska College of Agriculture and Lincoln Northeast High School for students to learn about opportunities in environmental sciences.

Students can sign up for any of the three new career academies through the LPS website.