Lincoln Police Have Broken Up More Than 20 Big Parties This Month

Aug. 24, 2020, 2:29 p.m. ·


Lincoln Police say they’ve responded to 23 big parties off campus since August 1st, but say that’s typical for the start of most school years.

“What we’ve kind of been seeing is just neighbors calling in on loud music, lots of vehicles parked in the area,” Lincoln Police Department spokesperson Erin Spilker said. “We’ve had a handful of parties where there was reported to be 100 people, all dispersing without an issue.”

University of Nebraska-Lincoln officials are discouraging large parties this semester because of coronavirus concerns.

“Our vice-chancellor for student affairs and our executive vice-chancellor and the president of the faculty senate sent a note to students reminding them that a breach of safety protocols or hosting a party would be a violation of the student code of conduct and could ultimately result in suspension,“ said UNL’s Deb Fiddelke.

UNL police say they haven’t had to break up big parties so far at on-campus fraternity and sorority houses.