Lincoln Mayor Proposes 2-Year Budget - Presents Plan To City Council

June 13, 2022, 3 p.m. ·

Lincoln Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird at a press conference
Lincoln Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird

Lincoln Mayor Leirion Gaylord-Baird is proposing a larger city budget for the next 2 years – with an emphasis on public safety.

The proposed budget for the upcoming year is 243 million dollars, and 253 million for the following year. The biggest share of it, 50%, is targeted for police and fire services and pension payments for those departments.

It would add 67 new city jobs, including police officers and firefighters.

In presenting the budget to the Lincoln City Council Monday, the mayor said focusing on public safety, health, and infrastructure will continue to help Lincoln be a great city for its residents.

β€œAnd we are going to be moving into a brighter future with this budget as we advance public health and safety, as we look to fuel our economic growth and economic opportunity and equity for all our residents and grow the resiliency and quality of life for our community,” she told city council members.

The budget also proposes a 1.2 million dollar cut in property taxes.

The next step in the budget process allows city council to propose changes before a public hearing. The final budget will be adopted at the end of August.

The public hearing on the proposed budget is set for August 1st.

For full details on the proposed budget click here.