Lincoln-Lancaster County Planning Commission Approves Solar Farm

Nov. 17, 2021, 5:42 p.m. ·

Vice Chair Cindy Ryman Yost sits in a high-back chair with a microphone in front of her.
Vice Chair Cindy Ryman Yost discusses the permit with the commission. (Screenshot courtesy LNKTV)

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The Lincoln-Lancaster County Planning Commission approved what would be the biggest solar energy installation in Nebraska Wednesday.

Solar panels will cover more than half of the about 3,000-acre land east of Lincoln. However, some neighbors don’t support the solar farm. In last month’s meeting, the board didn’t have enough votes to approve the permit for half of the project in the county’s zoning jurisdiction. Commissioner Dick Campbell motioned to decline the proposal Wednesday, but it didn’t pass.

Vice Chair Cindy Ryman Yost encouraged the board to approve the amended proposal

"Moving forward with new forms of energy is important and that solar is a great way to do that," she said.

Campbell added a new condition to raise the required number of trees to hide solar panels for residents: four trees to six evergreen trees per 100 square feet. The board approved the permit 6 to 1.

Unless someone submits an appeal to oppose the permit, the solar farm will move forward. Once site plan corrections and conditions are submitted and approved, construction will start.

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