Lincoln Chamber of Commerce Trying to Convince Former Residents to Move Back to Capitol City

June 10, 2021, 1 p.m. ·

Downtown Lincoln, with a look at the new 20-story Lied Place Residences.
The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce is asking former residents to come back and work hard-to-fill jobs. (Photo by Will Bauer, Nebraska Public Media News)

The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and the University of Nebraska Alumni Association have asked former Lincoln residents to come back and work hard-to-fill jobs in Nebraska's capital city via email.

Kaylie Hogan-Schnittker, director of talent strategy at the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, said, despite the city's low unemployment rate of 2.2%, the city is in need of workers in a diverse array of careers.

“You know we're looking for mid to senior-level accounting people, engineers, tech-engineers, computer engineers,” Hogan-Schnittker said. "Spaces where we've really seen those kinds of levels in more of our coastal or very larger cities that we don't necessarily have here.”

Over the next month, the chamber will send emails and a letter to people with ties to the university who have moved to big metropolitan areas like Chicago, Denver, and Minneapolis, Hogan-Schnittker said. In those emails, the chamber and university will try to pitch Lincoln as the perfect city to settle as an attempt to fill much needed jobs.

“Lincoln is home and equipped, one with our highest connectivity in the country," she said. "We've got excellent schools, an affordable cost of living."

The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce said the initiative will run through the end of June.