Lincoln and Omaha Airports Receive Federal Funding for Renovations

July 7, 2022, 5 p.m. ·

Lincoln airport terminal. On the left side there's a woman wearing a mask and holding a black suitcase and hand bag.
People wait inside the Lincoln Airport for their trips. (Photo by Melissa Rosales, Nebraska Public Media News)

The Biden administration announced Thursday it would be distributing one billion dollars to airports across the country as part of the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

Airports in Lincoln and Omaha will soon begin renovations and upgrades thanks to federal funds. Chad Lay, director of planning and development for the Lincoln Airport, said the funding will go towards renovating the heating and cooling system in the terminal.

“The primary goal for us here, while there will be some savings, it really is trying to build a modern facility here in Lincoln that meets those current standards,” he said.

The Lincoln airport is set to receive $850,000, while Eppley Airfield in Omaha will receive $20 million in grant funding. Lay said the bipartisan effort to renew airports nationwide is much appreciated.

“The country is serious about maintaining infrastructure across the country for the benefit of everybody,” he said.

Lay said that the federal grant program will run for a total of five years. He said the Lincoln Airport will continue to apply to fund energy efficiency projects like electric vehicle chargers and solar panel arrays.

According to the Omaha Airport Authority, the $20 million in funding for Eppley Airfield will be used to construct a new terminal drop-off area and overhead canopy.