Lee Terry concedes 2nd Dist. to Brad Ashford

Nov. 5, 2014, 4 a.m. ·

Rep. Lee Terry, with his wife at his side, concedes the race for Nebraska's 2nd District (Photo by Lindsey Peterson, NET News)

Voters in Nebraska’s second district finally know who will represent them in Congress.

Eight term congressman Lee Terry formally conceded the race to his democratic challenger Brad Ashford Wednesday afternoon.

With a slight quiver in his voice and his wife at his side, Terry congratulated Ashford on the win, and said he considers his time in office to be a blessing.

Terry: Being a member of Congress, frankly, is a large responsibility. You have the weight of the nation on your shoulders. I’ve always tried to do what was right for this country. Putting people first, our country first was always my value and my goal.

Terry also spoke about some of his accomplishments while in office, like fighting against the federalization of the education system, and helping Americans move towards energy independence.

Brad Ashford, an outgoing member of the Nebraska legislature, defeated Terry by just two and a half points.

During a press conference streamed live on Omaha.com, Ashford said he’s proud to be one of the few Democrats to beat a Republican this election cycle while promising to work in a bipartisan fashion.

Ashford: The citizens of the second congressional district have spoken. I will renew the pledge that I have made since February. I am going to go to Washington, I am going to make 25 friends, and we are going to change the culture by working together.

Ashford will be the first Democrat to represent Nebraska’s second district since Peter Hoagland in 1995.