La Vista Police Chief: "We Need a Tip" in Larsen Case

July 13, 2021, 3:45 p.m. ·

Missing boy Ryan Larsen in a blue shirt
11-year-old Ryan Larsen has been missing since May 17th. (Photo courtesy of La Vista Police Department)

It’s been almost two months since an 11-year-old La Vista boy disappeared, and the local police chief said Tuesday his department is working as hard as ever to find him. Ryan Larsen hasn’t been seen since he left his elementary school on May 17, and La Vista Police Chief Bob Lausten said investigators are retracing their steps in what has been a difficult case.

“We have gone back to what we call our ground zero where Ryan was last seen, again re-interviewing people, trying to catch people that we haven’t talked to before that may have been home that never answered the door or when investigators came around they were never able to get ahold of,” Lausten said.

Investigators are also trying to enhance more security video from the area where the boy was last seen. They’re hoping for a break in the case that will likely come from the community.

“At this point, we need a tip,” Lausten said. “Some of our early leads have dried-up and Ryan was here and then he’s gone. We need to figure out what happened to him and where he’s at.”

A task force on the case, including the FBI, meets twice a week to compare notes on the investigation.