La Vista PD Wants Phone Info From Google in Case of Missing Boy

Sept. 2, 2021, 3:19 p.m. ·

A picture of 12-year-old Ryan Larsen in a yard with a chain link fence and a tan shed and trees behind him.
12-year-old Ryan Larsen of La Vista has been missing since May 17. Police continue to look for leads and ask the public for information. (Photo courtesy of Larsen family)

Investigators in La Vista are trying to get information on phone usage from Google for the area where a 12-year-old boy went missing in May. Ryan Larsen still hasn’t been found despite multiple searches over the past three months. Police Chief Bob Lausten said they’ve submitted search warrants to Google for data that could be helpful.

“We’re trying to determine what phone numbers were operating in a specific area, if we can actually determine that from what Google can provide,” Lausten said. “That could give us an idea of phones and we could trace those phones back and see who the subscribers are and eliminate them or investigate further into what those numbers are and who they belong to.”

Lausten said there’s no evidence Larsen was taken by a stranger after he walked away from his La Vista elementary school May 17.

“We have absolutely no evidence that he was abducted, like a stranger abduction,” Lausten said. “Nothing that we’ve put out would seem to point us in that direction, nothing that we’ve talked to people about in the area.”

He said two full-time detectives are assigned exclusively to the case, but the FBI is no longer involved in the day-to-day investigation.