Kellogg's Workers In Kansas Receive Higher Wages In New Union Contract. Omaha Strikers Wonder 'What If'

March 31, 2022, 4:25 p.m. ·

Dan Osborn stands with a picket outside of the Kellogg's plant in Omaha.
BCTGM Local 50 president Dan Osborn stands on the picket line. (Courtesy photo)

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Kellogg's workers in Kansas won a new contract that raises their wages by more than 15% over three years and improves benefits.

Last year, union workers at Omaha’s cereal plant went on strike for 77 days before reaching a five-year contract with the Kellogg’s company.

"I think my first impression is, if we would have held out a little bit longer, we might have gotten more but, you know, hindsight is until at least 20/20," Local 50G union president Dan Osborn said.

According to Osborn, the workers his union represents didn’t get wage increases like workers in the Kansas City Cheez-Its plant. However, they were able to keep cost of living increases and get a clear path to regular full-time employment.

"We didn't lose anything, so I suppose you could call that a win," he said.

Since starting in January, employees are happy to be back working in the plant and making money again, he said. However, Osborn does wonder if the 11-week strike in Omaha may have affected Kellogg's decision to accept a higher wage contract from Cheez-Its workers and avoid another strike.