Kellogg Company Reaches Tentative Deal With Its Union Members

Dec. 2, 2021, 6 p.m. ·

People hold signs up while on strike
Union members will vote on Dec. 5, if ratified, they will return to work on Dec. 13. (Photo Courtesy Kellogg Union Members Appreciation Page)

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Striking workers at cereal maker Kellogg's factories in Nebraska, Michigan, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania, have reached a tentative deal with the company.

Workers at the cereal plants have been on strike for two months, and as negotiations dragged on Kellogg hired replacements for some of its workers.

The tentative deal includes 3-percent raises and allows all temporary employees with four or more years of service to move to permanent positions with better pay and benefits.

“I'm hearing some mixed opinions about it. But we'll see what the body, how the body votes," said Dan Osborn, the president of Local 50G Union in Omaha.

Union members will vote December 5th. If the workers ratify the contract on Monday, members will return to work on Dec. 15. Kellogg is among several major companies that have faced strikes this year, including McDonald's, John Deere, and Frito Lay.