Joslyn Art Museum to Expand Perspectives

March 25, 2021, 3:58 p.m. ·

Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha. (Courtesy photo)

Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha is working on expanding perspectives that have historically been underrepresented in its galleries. The first piece of the museum’s much larger initiative is the new “Omaha Speaks” project, seeking to broaden the interpretation of objects in the permanent collection by selecting community leaders from various backgrounds to share their commentary. Karin Campbell is the curator of Contemporary Art and said the museum is hoping people see narratives that impact their lives reflected in the project.

"There is power is seeing someone that looks like you represented in a public space. We want everyone to feel like they can walk through their doors and have their story reflected back at them in some way,” Campbell said.

Each of the first six leaders selected one piece of work from the collection to comment on, with their perspective featured on a label in the galleries beside their selected work, as well as online. To read their comments, visit Omaha Speaks on the Joslyn Art Museum website.