Janicek Says He's Not Dividing Nebraska Democrats Amid Ballot Controversy

Sept. 1, 2020, 2:18 p.m. ·


Embattled U-S Senate candidate Chris Janicek says he’s not the one dividing the Nebraska Democratic Party and has always been clear that he planned to stay on the November ballot after a text messaging scandal earlier this year. Janicek this week reiterated his intentions to push through to the election and denies he’s splitting the Democratic vote by not allowing Alisha Shelton to take his place on the ballot against Ben Sasse.

“I made it perfectly clear back in June that I would not step down from the Democratic ticket,” Janicek said. “There was no reason to put all this time and effort and energy into promoting Alisha Shelton and dividing the party in July and August and right up until where we are right now. That’s what’s been done and that doesn’t fall on my shoulders.”

Janicek’s campaign was nearly derailed when it was learned he had sent a sexually suggestive text message to a campaign staffer. He later apologized for the text. Nebraska Democratic Party chairwoman Jane Kleeb thinks Janicek has ruined any chance of beating Ben Sasse.

“Chris is now in a space where he is acting delusional and he doesn’t have any support of the Democratic base or Democratic leaders,” Kleeb said. “The party will put up a strong write-in candidate. It is absolutely disgusting that Chris continues to block Alisha Shelton from being able to be our nominee.”

Janicek and Sasse will debate Friday night at 7 Central on NET Television and on NET Radio.