Inclusive Playground in Hastings Increases Opportunities for Handicapped Children

Oct. 20, 2021, 10:34 a.m. ·

The new inclusive playground at Croiser Park in Hastings. The unit is orange and purple with numerous kinds of playground equipment.
The new inclusive playground at Hastings Croiser Park is set to open today, Wednesday, October 20. (Photo courtesy of City of Hastings)

A unique new playground is open Wednesday in Hastings, Nebraska’s Croiser Park. The playground is called an ‘Inclusive Playground,’ because it provides access for handicapped children.

Jeff Hassenstab is the Parks and Recreation Director in Hastings and said the playground is wheelchair accessible, including the area from the parking lot to playground.

“The surface is called a pour and place rubber surface,” he said, “so the entire surface is flat where somebody in a wheelchair can easily move around, but the structure has two ramps that will, basically, get you to different platforms within the playground.”

Additionally, the unit has a wheelchair accessible merry-go-round, handicapped swing, and other amenities for the physically and mentally handicapped.

Hassenstab said the playground addressed a need for handicapped accessible play areas in the community. The playground is designed for kids 12 and under.