Husker Volleyball Prepares for Spring Season

Sept. 25, 2020, 3:28 p.m. ·

(Photo Courtesy Nebraska Athletics)

The University of Nebraska Huskers Husker volleyball team will play a spring Big Ten season starting Jan. 22.

Coaches are pushing the conference to play 22 games leading up to the NCAA tournament in April.

Nebraska volleyball coach John Cook said he’s not worried about the team playing back-to-back seasons next year. He said most of the athletes are used to playing year-round.

“I think there's a huge relief right now. I really saw a change in the weight room," Cook said. "Just with their demeanor, their attitude, their energy, their excitement to be there immediately just changed when we had a plan.”

Players must take their temperature and fill out a health survey every day for COVID-19 protocols. Cook is also optimistic Omaha will host the Final Four NCAA games from April 23-25.