How Supply Chain Issues Could Affect Nebraska Christmas Stores

Nov. 30, 2021, 5:53 p.m. ·

Christmas trees in rows. Two men turned around, one carries a chainsaw.
Stone Ridge Farm Nebraska Owner Christine Lade said their Christmas trees haven't been affected by supply chain issues because they grow them locally. (Photo Courtesy Stone Ridge Farm Nebraska)

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Christmas season is here and local businesses are gearing up for the season, but supply chain issues may affect some Nebraska stores.

Craig Trump usually orders Christmas home decorations overseas. He’s the owner of Pinecrest Tree Farm in Blue Springs, in southeast Nebraska. But this year, he’s only received 50% of his orders.

"I think a lot of those [orders] are still sitting on ships somewhere out in the ocean," he said.

Now he’s been driving across state lines to pick up supplies like ornaments and Santa Clauses in Kansas. Trump said the store is going to be less full than it usually is this year.

"But we'll still have plenty to sell and everything, but it's definitely hurting the business a little bit in that view," he said. "You can't sell the things you don't have, you know."

Christine Lade said she had trouble buying tree stands. She’s the owner of Stone Ridge Farm Nebraska in Tecumseh, in the southeast part of the state. She had to switch stores because her California supplier quit taking orders and shut down their website.

However, Christmas trees haven’t been affected because she grows them locally. She said it’s no easy task being a Christmas tree farmer.

"You don't really make any money on Christmas trees for about 14 years," she said. "So that's why we don't grow more trees than we do or why more trees farms are not starting, because it is very costly."

She recommends people shop locally this year, because Nebraska Christmas tree farms do have supply.