Here are some of the resources available in Lincoln for people experiencing homelessness; more shelter space needed

Jan. 15, 2024, 1:08 p.m. ·

Archive photo courtesy of Steve Andel.

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Wind chills will dip as low as negative 30 degrees in Lincoln this week. That’s a looming concern for people experiencing homelessness.

Nonprofits in Lincoln are encouraging people to seek refuge from the cold. People’s City Mission is opening its doors to everyone this week. Matt Talbot Kitchen and Outreach is open during the day.

Matt Talbot Kitchen and Outreach executive director, Alynn Sampson, said the kitchen offers many services for those needing a break from the cold.

“We're available from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.. We always have coffee here. We have snacks. We serve lunch and dinner. If you need to take a shower, we have shower facilities. We have laundry where guests can do laundry,” Sampson said.

Talbot connects people with resources they might need, including treatment options and housing.

Sampson said donating emergency blankets, tents, sleeping bags, hand warmers, foot warmers, fresh socks, heavy duty gloves and extra large men’s heavy coats are needed.

There’s plenty of food available at Talbot and the People’s City Mission.

According to Kate Michael with Center Pointe, an organization offering resources to people experiencing homelessness, donations for food are still appreciated…

“But the holes that we're seeing are where people can stay for shelter and having permanent supportive housing available,” Michael said.

There’s just one shelter in Lincoln. That's the People's City Mission.

“It's kind of scary when it's this time of year because I mean the reality is people do die when the weather is like this, because they have nowhere to go or don't have the resources to get there,” Michael said.

Transportation can be really difficult for people experiencing homelessness, Michael said.

Regardless of previous bans or suspensions People’s City Mission said it’s welcoming everyone to its shelter during the frigid days ahead.

CEO of People’s City Mission, Pastor Tom Barber, said keeping people warm and alive is more important than previous behavioral issues at the shelter.

Barber said it’s been over capacity all year and even more so during this cold front.

However, the shelter recently announced plans to build a new family center, which will increase its capacity from 300 beds to 700 beds.