Herbster and Legal Team Preparing Legal Action After Groping Reports

April 20, 2022, 4 p.m. ·

Charles Herbster speaks at Nebraska Public Media debate in March 2022
Charles Herbster answers a question during a Nebraska Public Media debate on March 24, 2022. (Photo by Chris Holtmeier for Nebraska Public Media)

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Charles Herbster said on Wednesday he and his legal team could be preparing legal action following accusations he groped eight women.

Herbster went on the record with reporters and said he’s sent Gov. Pete Ricketts, Jim Pillen, Julie Slama and others litigation holds. Basically, Herbster’s legal team has sent notice to those people and others instructing them not to delete any potential evidence in case Herbster sues for libel.

Herbster believes Sen. Slama, one of the eight women accusing him of inappropriate touching, and the others he mentioned, planted the story.

“After we do this video today, I'm not going to be focusing on talking about any of these allegations as we go forward," Herbster said. "I'm going to let the lawyers do what they need to do.”

A number of Nebraska politicians called on Herbster last week to step down from the governor's race following the report.

Beyond that, Herbster once again said he denies all the accusations. He said he will focus on next week’s rally in Greenwood when former President Donald Trump will campaign for him.