Health Officials Urge Updating Vaccines as Child Immunizations Decline During Pandemic

June 25, 2020, 4:29 p.m. ·

(Source: Nebraska Chief Medical Officer)

Nebraska’s chief medical officer is encouraging parents to have their children vaccinated after noticing a decline during the pandemic.

Dr. Gary Anthone says in 2019 Nebraska ranked 5th for childhood vaccinations. During the pandemic, he says data show fewer children have received routine vaccinations this year.

In January through April of last year compared to the same months this year, immunization rates for children are down:

  • Children under age 2 years: -10%.
  • Children 2-7 years old: -32%.
  • Children 7-17 years old:- 35%.

Anthone says children still need those vaccinations.

"the CDC and the Academy of Pediatrics recommend every child to continue their routine vaccinations even if it’s going to be late," Anthone said.

Health officials say doctors and clinics are taking steps to make appointments for vaccinations safe, including scheduling well-child and sick child visits at different times and decreasing the number of patients in waiting rooms.