"He is an Enemy:" Congressman Bacon Joins Congressional Delegation In Condemning Putin

Feb. 24, 2022, 12:52 p.m. ·

Congressman Don Bacon head shot wearing a dark blue suit and bright blue tie with American flag behind him.
Don Bacon (Courtesy photo)

Nebraska’s congressional members are speaking out against Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Senator Deb Fischer and Representatives Adrian Smith, Jeff Fortenberry, and Don Bacon released statements today in support of Ukraine.

In a conversation with Nebraska Public Media News, Congressman Bacon called the attack a turning point in world history.

"When I look back at milestones in the last 100 years, you have Pearl Harbor, we had the Cold War, we had the Berlin Wall, we had 9-11,” Bacon said, “What we just saw yesterday is a change in the world, how it's going to work.”

He adds he doesn’t know if going forward America will have to militarily engage with Russia but says if the country and its allies don’t stand up to Russian aggression, NATO-allied nations may be the next targets.

“We thought we had an adversary in Putin, we now know we have an adversary,” Bacon said, “And Putin, he is an enemy.”