Hastings Churches Join Forces to Help Residents at High Risk for COVID-19

Dec. 17, 2020, 11:53 a.m. ·

A member of First Presbyterian Church of Hastings helping to deliver food on a snowy day. Photo courtesy of Reverend Greg Allen-Pickett.

Several Hastings churches have come together to help the community by picking up groceries for residents at a high-risk of COVID-19.

Reverend Andy Springer is a chaplain for a retirement community in Hastings and has been working with the churches to find support for those who are self-quarantined or highly susceptible to the virus.

Springer said they don’t want someone to put themselves at risk for something that members of more than 10 churches are happy to help with.

"It seems like a silly thing to face those types of consequences for something as simple as going to the store when they could stay home and there would be somebody that would gladly go and run those errands for them."

First Presbyterian Church is one of those participating, and Reverend Greg Allen-Pickett said they are glad to be able to help their community and keep those at risk safe.

"One of the best ways to provide comfort for the sick right now is to prevent them from getting sick," Allen-Pickett said. "And by doing these grocery runs we are able to keep the vulnerable and the marginalized from putting themselves at harm's way, and that works out really well."

Reverend Springer said they have had a great response from the community so far and would love to be able to help more people.

For more information call Springer at 402-460-3246.