Hastings Bigfoot Museum Will Be Featured In U.S. Library of Congress

Jan. 13, 2022, 5:37 p.m. ·

Sign on yellow wood wall that says Bigfoot Museum. Hastings, Nebraska.
The museum has been operating and hosting the Nebraska Bigfoot Conference since 2019. (Photo Courtesy of Harriett McFeely)

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The Bigfoot Crossroads of America Museum and Research Center in Hastings will be featured in the U.S. Library of Congress Archives.

Just a few days before Christmas, Bigfoot Museum owner and lifelong Hastings resident Harriett McFeely got a phone call from Carol Highsmith’s team. Highsmith has been traveling around the country taking photos for the U.S. Library of Congress Archives. They wanted to feature the Bigfoot Museum and Research Center.

"I thought, instantly, that it was a scam. I almost hung up," McFeely said.

However, McFeely and museum researcher Kenny Collins did meet with Highsmith the next day. Her team took photos and talked to them about their work. The museum has been operating since 2019, but McFeely has been collecting bones and pictures since she was eight years old.

Man and lady pose beside a Bigfoot statue
Kenny Collins calls himself, "The Bigfoot Guy." Harriett McFeely calls herself "The Bigfoot Lady." (Photo Courtesy of Harriett McFeely)

"The one thing that they both said to us was, '700 years from now you will still be in the Library of Congress,'" she said.

The article and photos taken that day will be in the U.S. Library of Congress in about four months. Executive director of the Adams County Convention and Visitors Bureau Anjanette Bonham is excited for what this means for Hastings.

"I think it's going to help put Hastings, Nebraska on the map and draw more attention to our community and to Nebraska tourism as a whole," Bonham said.

McFeely and Collins said ​they both appreciate the exposure ​this will bring for the museum, ​helping to make more people aware of it, whether they are squatchers or skeptics.