Grand Island Returning to New Normal

June 8, 2020, 5:15 p.m. ·


After Grand Island became a COVID-19 hotspot, life is beginning to return to normal.

Grand Island’s outbreak was related to the JBS meatpacking plant. The city’s mayor is confident the plant is following social distancing and using plexiglass screens to protect workers.

Grand Island Mayor Roger Steele said COVID-19 numbers are going down in Grand Island and many businesses are reopened.

"If you want to go shopping you should feel free to do so, but wear a face mask and that way you protect yourself and the people working inside the place of business," Steele said. "Obviously we ask people to do social distancing and all the things you’ve heard for months about washing your hands and being careful about touching surfaces. People should feel free to be out and about if they just take those precautions."

Steele said on a recent shopping trip everyone he encountered was wearing a mask.