Governor Ricketts Responds to PETA Plan for Billboard Calling Him a "Meathead"

March 19, 2021, 11:21 a.m. ·

(Photo by Skitterphoto on pexels)

Animal rights organization PETA is planning to erect a billboard on the Colorado side of the Nebraska/Colorado border that will read, “Entering Nebraska, Home of Meathead Governor Ricketts!”.

In a statement, PETA President Ingrid Newkirk said the billboard is retaliation for the Governor’s recent proclamation of March 20th as “Meat on the Menu Day,” in the state.

Rickett’s proclamation was itself a response to the Governor of Colorado's proclamation of March 20th as “Meat Out Day,” in his state.

Amber Canavan is a senior campaigner for PETA and says the message is justified.

“The billboard may have been a bit on the snarky side,” she admits, “But I think we've got a good point here that for him to be coming out so strongly in response to a neighboring state simply declaring a ‘Meat Out Day’. It just seems a bit out of touch.”

When asked about PETA’s plans, Governor Ricketts fired back that the organization was the one that's out of touch.

“It just demonstrates that these anti-science, anti-animal agricultural groups don't understand how important lean meat is to a healthy diet,” said Ricketts, “What it means to our food security as a nation and certainly what it means to Nebraska.

With neither side budging on their positions, the beef between PETA and Governor Ricketts seems likely to continue.