GOP Candidate Herbster Files Slander Lawsuit Against Sen. Slama

April 22, 2022, 5 p.m. ·

Charles Herbster speaks at Nebraska Public Media debate in March 2022
Charles Herbster answers a question during a Nebraska Public Media debate on March 24, 2022. (Photo by Chris Holtmeier for Nebraska Public Media)

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GOP candidate for governor Charles Herbster filed a slander lawsuit Friday against state senator Julie Slama, claiming he “suffered grievous harm to his reputation" following reports he groped Slama and seven other women.

The lawsuit comes a week after the Nebraska Examiner reported the accusations about Herbster. The Republican said "these libelous accusations are 100% false."

The lawsuit lawsuit was filed in Johnson County – where Slama’s lives. The lawsuit claims the Nebraska Examiner published defamatory statements that Slama had made about Herbster.

The Examiner reported Herbster reached up Slama’s dress at a 2019 political event. When asked by the Examiner if the allegation was accurate, she confirmed it. Separate witnesses, according to the Examiner, corroborated the groping. The Examiner reported seven other unnamed women who also say Herbster groped them.

“I will not stop fighting until the truth is told and my name is cleared," Herbster said in the statement.

This lawsuit aims to restore Herbster’s reputation following the reports of groping, according to his campaign's statement. The lawsuit said Herbster suffered damages that will be proven at a later trial. Oftentimes in slander cases, plaintiffs sue for money.

In a statement to the Nebraska Examiner, Slama's attorney, Dave Lopez, said any claim that questions Slama's claims are "without merit and frivolous."

"Senator Slama will vigorously defend herself against any such lawsuit," Lopez said in the statement. "Charles Herbster will be subject to the full scope of civil discovery if he proceeds with any legal attack against Senator Slama."

A screenshot of Charles Herbster's lawsuit against State Sen. Julie Slama
The defamation lawsuit was filed in the District Court of Johnson County on Friday afternoon.