Frost Says He's Had to Make Tough Choices This Week to Improve Football Program

Nov. 10, 2021, 2:37 p.m. ·

Huskers head coach Scott Frost
Husker head football coach Scott Frost at Memorial Stadium on Wednesday. (Photo from video)

Huskers head coach Scott Frost said he had to make some tough choices earlier this week to be able to improve the football program moving forward. On Monday, Frost fired four of his offensive coaches, including offensive coordinator Matt Lubick. On Wednesday at Memorial Stadium, Frost told reporters it’s been a tough week for the players.

“They’re hurting and I’m hurting. I’ve gone to a lot of game and battles and spent a lot of time with those guys. They’re really good coaches and great men,” Frost said. “These are decisions sometimes you have to make as a leader and the kids are resilient. They’ll be okay.”

Frost said the search for a new offensive coordinator has already started, but he’d like someone who can take over more of the day-to-day offensive duties, which would allow him to do more to promote the program.

“I’d love to be out talking to the fans more and I’d love to do more booster functions. I’d love to go hunting more in western Nebraska,” Frost said. “Those things are important, I think, for my sanity and also so I get to spend time with people that matter in Nebraska.”

The Huskers have a bye week and then play Wisconsin on the road November 20th. Nebraska finishes the season at home against Iowa November 26th. The team is 3-7 on the season and won’t make a post-season bowl.