Frost on Future: "We can only control what we control"

Nov. 1, 2021, 2:45 p.m. ·

Huskers head coach Scott Frost
Husker head coach Scott Frost at Monday's press conference. (Photo from live stream)

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After another disappointing loss at Memorial Stadium over the weekend, Huskers head coach Scott Frost still has confidence in his team and is tuning-out talk about his future leading the program.

It’s been a season of close games and heartbreaking losses for the Huskers including games against Oklahoma, Michigan State and Michigan that could have easily been Nebraska wins. Saturday’s loss to Purdue means the Huskers will have to win the last three games of the season against Ohio State, Wisconsin and Iowa to be bowl eligible. At a press conference on Monday, Frost said he’s not listening to talk about his future at Nebraska.

“You learn as a coach not to pay any attention to that,” Frost said. “I owe it to the kids to give them my everything, so do the coaches, and we are and the kids are giving everything they have right back because of our relationship with those guys. Everything else doesn’t matter. We can only control what we control.”

Quarterback Adrian Martinez, who threw four interceptions Saturday, said he’s learned to let the tough games go and think about the next opponent instead.

“For me, it’s all about focusing on the present moment, and yes, that was a tough loss, a tough moment for myself, but I have another great opportunity and some of that is putting things into perspective, whether that be football itself or a game,” Martinez said.

Nebraska is 3-6 on the season and hosts Ohio State Saturday. The Huskers lost to the Buckeyes 52-17 last October in Columbus.