Free Summer College Courses for Nebraska High School Students

May 20, 2022, 2 p.m. ·

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MCC is offering a new program called "CollegeNow!' that provides free college courses this summer for Nebraska high school students

As Nebraska high school students prepare for their futures, Metropolitan Community College has started a new program to give students a taste of the college experience - for free.

The program is called College Now. It offers free summer session classes to all high school students scheduled to graduate between now and 2025.

The courses are available at all MCC campuses and online.

Jordan Pirtle runs MCC’s program that helps high school students earn college credits. She says the College Now program helps high school students get a start on their college career without a financial burden.

"It's also giving them a chance to maybe even explore career paths, different programs that are specific to an area like a trade or a skilled technical science," Pirtle said. "So. it's giving them the opportunity to explore while also giving them a jump start on their official college transcript."

Classes are available for any Nebraska high school student. While tuition is free, there are some costs such as textbooks for classes. To register, go to