Fischer and Sasse respond to Kennedy retirement

June 27, 2018, 3:42 a.m. ·

Nebraska senators Ben Sasse and Deb Fischer are looking to the future following word of longtime Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement, set for next month.

In a statement, Sasse said the confirmation process for the successor to Kennedy’s seat must not be bogged down by party views.

“This news just broke and Washington is already gearing up for Red vs Blue blood sport,” he said. “Americans ought to aim higher because, as Justice Kennedy put it, ‘our system presumes that there are certain principles that are more important than the temper of the times.’ Let’s get to work.”

Sasse added that senate should spend the month’s prior to the Supreme Court’s return confirming Kennedy’s replacement.

“…America has an opportunity to do some civics education – a chance to celebrate our system of checks, balances, and limited government,” he said. “President Trump has an opportunity to keep his promise and put another serious constitutionalist on the court. The Senate has an opportunity to promote serious public deliberation.”

Fischer said Kennedy’s successor should be committed to upholding the rule of law, honoring the Constitution and avoiding temptation to legislate from the bench.

“As the U.S. Senate performs its role of advice and consent moving forward, I look forward to a civil, respectful, and thorough confirmation process,” she said in a statement.