Even in Counties Without COVID-19, Life Is Far From Normal

May 11, 2020, 6 p.m. ·


While it may seem like COVID-19 is everywhere, there are counties with no confirmed cases in Nebraska. One of those counties is Chase, in southwest Nebraska.

Joy Leyland is City Administrator for Imperial in Chase county. She thinks despite the lack of cases, residents are trying to stay separated, though some are going to restaurants.

“Some people think we’ve passed the dangerous point, and that it’s gonna pass us by," Leyland said. "And others think it’s coming our way.”

In Imperial, the city building and courthouse are closed to the public. Some stores have hand sanitizer available. Leyland said some people wear masks in public but the large majority do not.

Leyland said there is some skepticism in town about visitors from other areas, and most people are avoiding travel.