Douglas County Health Official Says We Haven’t Hit COVID-19 Peak Yet

March 20, 2020, 12:28 p.m. ·

Stock photo: A healthcare worker using protective gear during a training exercise. (Bill Kelly, NET News)

Congressman Don Bacon held a tele-town hall Thursday night with local health officials. The town hall included an opportunity for constituents to ask questions of Bacon and health experts.

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One questioner asked when it will be safe for older people, who are more at risk from coronavirus, to go out again.

Dr. Adi Pour is director of the Douglas County Health Department.

“I just don’t know when that is gonna happen. We have not hit the peak yet. Testing on this for the last two, three weeks, our peak is far, is not there yet. And until we really see the incidents decrease, it’s no time for anybody in a high risk group, those individuals should stay home at this time.”

Congressman Bacon added that current federal directions were set to last for 15 days, and will be reevaluated based on where the pandemic stands.

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