Douglas County Health Director Says COVID Numbers Have Dropped Significantly

Feb. 23, 2021, 3:43 p.m. ·


Douglas County Health Director Dr. Adi Pour said Tuesday the area has seen a dramatic decrease in COVID-19 hospitalizations and new cases since the first of the year. Pour told Douglas County Commissioners the drop in numbers has been consistent, including a 23% decrease in new COVID-19 cases last week compared to the week before.

“I think what is remarkable is the decreases we have seen in hospitalizations,” Pour said. “The newest data (shows we have) 92 patients in our Omaha-area hospital. That’s a 67% decrease since January 1st.”

Pour also said the county is working as quickly as it can to administer COVID-19 vaccines and said she takes in personally when she hears criticism that the vaccine program is too slow and inefficient.

“This is an enormous endeavor and I don’t need people to sit at home trying to count up and say two and two isn’t four,” she said. “Don’t do that. Take my word for it that we administer as quickly as we get the vaccine in as safe a manner as possible.”

Pour said appointments are available for COVID-19 vaccines through March 14 with 850 appointments still open for people 65 years and older.