Do Look Up! Full Lunar Eclipse Visible Sunday Night

May 13, 2022, noon ·

Lunar Eclipse
A 'Blood Moon' total lunar eclipse can be seen Sunday night (Photo Courtesy NASA)

A celestial event this weekend will have a lot of people out late Sunday night looking to the skies.

It’s called the Blood Moon lunar eclipse – a total eclipse that will be on full display Sunday night. The name comes from the dark red color of the moon at the height of the eclipse, as it crosses through the Earth’s shadow blocking the sun.

For those wanting a close up view, Ron Veyes from Lincoln’s Hyde Observatory says the facility will be open from 8:30 p.m. to midnight on Sunday.

"We have the 3 large telescopes in the observatory that will be open," he said. "We plan to have some volunteers bring their telescopes out and set them up out on the lawn. So, there should be quite a few telescopes to look through."

Veyes also said people can bring lawn chairs and binoculars to hang out and watch as the eclipse progresses through the evening.

The height of the eclipse will be at 11:11 p.m. Central time Sunday night. The weather forecast calls for mostly clear skies, so everyone should be able to get a good view.