Dakota County Opening Up After Hot Spot Outbreak

June 9, 2020, 6:45 p.m. ·


Dakota County, once a COVID-19 hot spot, reported no new cases Monday and a 75 percent recovery rate county-wide.

The area’s outbreak was centered on a Tyson foods meatpacking plant, which temporarily closed in May for deep cleaning amid escalating case numbers. According to local leaders, the local meat packing plant has slowed production and is providing protective equipment to workers.

But the plant is still coping with hundreds of sick workers: as of May 29, the plant reported 786 active COVID-19 cases.

Lance Hedquist is city administrator for South Sioux City in Dakota County. He said the town is looking forward to returning to normal and to eventually welcoming new residents.

“We have had thousands of jobs open in the past and those will still exist as we start to open up," Hedquist said. "So we really need to get more people to our local city, our local area, and to provide quality jobs and quality housing for those individuals.”

Hedquist added that people are going back to restaurants and businesses but in smaller crowds.