COVID in Nebraska May be Slowing, but Hospitalizations Reach Former DHM Threshold

Sept. 15, 2021, noon ·

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Nebraska’s Delta variant surge may be slowing its pace, but hospitalizations are nearing a level that previously would have triggered some indoor restrictions, according to the latest data from the Nebraska Department of Health Human Services.

Active hospitalizations in the state reached 415 this week, and, depending on how many hospital beds the state has on hand, that could be about 10% of Nebraska’s beds.

Previously, the directed health measure threshold for some indoor restrictions was 10%. Generally, the state has kept between 4,000 and 4,500 beds during the pandemic. Gov. Pete Ricketts previously indicated, if hospitalizations reached that level, the state could see some restrictions again.

For cases this week, about 806 Nebraskans on average tested positive for the virus each day, according to DHHS. That figure is up a little from last week when the 7-day average was 735. Overall, though, cases are not rising as fast as they had been. The latest CDC stats, which are not up-to-date, have the 7-day average at 759. That number had dipped below 700, though, two times last week.

In total, 54.1% of the state is fully vaccinated, and another 4.7% is partially vaccinated. The partially vaccinated figure has been decreasing over the past few weeks, which could mean fewer people are getting their first shot.