COVID Hospitalizations Up Again in Nebraska

Sept. 28, 2020, 2:08 p.m. ·


COVID-related hospitalizations have increased over the past week to levels last seen at the end of May at the height of the pandemic. The jump in cases that require hospital care has state health officials keeping a close eye on capacity.

Last Thursday, there were 231 people hospitalized with complications related to COVID-19, the most since the pandemic-high on May 27th when there were 232 people hospitalized. State health officials are in contact with hospitals across the state to make sure they have plans in place in the event capacity becomes a problem.

“That’s a reminder for all of us that the virus is still here, that’s it’s still in the community and we still have to take our steps that we’ve talked about like keeping that six feet of distance, wearing a mask when you’re in enclosed spaces, like going to a store, washing your hands often and avoiding crowded bars and restaurants,” Governor Pete Ricketts said Monday at the State Capitol.

As of Sunday, 36% of the state’s hospital beds were available, 34% of its hospital beds and 80% of its ventilators. The vast majority of people in the hospital are not there because of COVID-19, but health officials want to make sure there’s room for everyone if Nebraska does continue to see more COVID-related hospitalizations.